Sports data related FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the sports data and ID mapping in Fans United.

Do you provide the sports data needed for the games?

No. The data is provided from a provider. We can easily put you in touch with a provider we support.

Do I need to have a contract with the sports data provider in order to use Fans United?

Yes, you need to have a contract with them.

What sports data providers does Fans United support?

Currently we support:

  • Enetpulse

We are working on integrating:

  • Sportradar
  • Stats Perform

What if I already have a contract with one of your supported sports data providers?

Then you need to notify them that you are going to use their data for an additional service (Fans United). As per your contract with them, data providers have a small surcharge (usually 10-20%) when using their data for other purposes than originally agreed.

What if I already have a contract with a sports data provider you do not support?

Please get in touch and we will discuss it. We can integrate other data providers. However, this is a service that is paid.

What sports do you support?

Currently, we support only football (soccer). Tennis and Basketball will follow soon.