Learn how the Fans United platform deals with dependencies.

Overall dependencies

The Fans United platform depends on a Firebase project to run. It can be your existing project, or if you don't have one, we can create it for you.

The majority of the user data is being stored in Firebase's Firestore DB. This gives us a few major advantages:

  • This means that you can take advantage of all Firebase features, such as custom authentication flows (if you use Firebase Authentication), UI elements, notifications, analytics, etc.
  • If for some reason you, as a client, are not happy with the service, you keep all your users and data stored in Firestore.

Note: If you have an existing Firebase project that want to be used, we need to provision it in order to work with our platform.

Authentication dependencies

Fans United authentication is based on JWT. By default, we work with Firebase Authentiaction tokens. However, we can integrate with any OAuth2 provider.

Note: In order to integrate with our OAuth 2 authentication system we need your public keys in order to verify your tokens. Once we have this, you can use your own tokens to authenticate users in Fans United services.

Other dependencies

Fans United is hosted on Google Cloud. We use some of Google's services to store and serve data. Here's a list:

  • BigQuery - Google's database for big data. We store user activity here. If for some reason you, as a client, are not happy with the service and want to terminate, we will export all collected user data from BigQuery and provide it to you.