An overview of the integration options for Fans United.

There are 3 primary ways of integrating with the platform:

  • JavaScript widgets
  • SDKs
  • APIs

JavaScript widgets

The user-centric widgets are small, configurable JavaScript apps that encapsulate basic logic and design. The designs come in 2 versions: light (default) or dark.
They can be embedded in any website with a single copy-paste and provide ready-made functionality with a basic design.

In addition to those, Fans United also provides client-centric widgets that allow clients to integrate Fans United management functionality into their CMS or management panels.

You should use the JavaScript widgets if you:

  • want to be up and running quickly
  • have limited development resource

You can find more at our Widgets page.


Our SDKs expose the platform functionality in a developer-friendly way.
They work on the web (the JS SDK can be used on Node.js backends, as well as React Native mobile apps) and native Android and iOS mobile apps.

You should use our SDKs if you:

  • want to customize UX on web (e.g. create new designs for widgets that fit your brand)
  • want to integrate the platform in a mobile app

You can find more at our SDKs page.


Each feature in the Fans United platform is exposed as an API. There are 2 methods for API authentication: an api key and a Firebase token.

You should use the APIs if you:

  • want to create a server-to-server integration

You can find more at our API Reference pages.