Integration Overview

Fans United provides a seamless integration in the form of a WordPress plugin that you can configure with a few clicks. Here are some of the benefits of our WordPress integration:

  • Turnkey Solution: Our plugin transform what is othersise a complex integration into a matter of a few clicks. Instead of spending hours on development, clients can integrate and set up everything within a matter of minutes.
  • You get everything: The plugin offers Fans United's full set of functionalities. Clients get all the games, predictions, profile and all other intereactions.
  • Quick ROI: Considering the minimal setup time and the absence of developmental costs, the return on investment is almost instantaneous. You can start monetising the integration from day one.
  • Stay Updated: As Fans United continues to innovate and introduce new features, the plugin will ensure that WordPress users can effortlessly access and implement these updates.


Fans United + Firebase + WordPress

By default the plugin depends on a Firebase project and Firebase Authentication. We can create a Firebase project on your behalf or we can work with an existing one you already have. In case you no longer want to continue using the service, you keep your Firebase project. It's your data.


Custom Authentication

We can develop a custom authentication workflow using your existing OAuth2 system. This will allow your existing users to be able to sign in to WordPress. Get in touch for details.

What’s Next

Learn how to install and configure the Fans United plugin for WordPress