Double chance predictions

Getting started with the Fans United Double Chance Predictions widget

The "Double Chance" widget allows users to predict the outcome of a match for market Double Chance.
You can use this widget as it is, or you can use the JavaScript SDK to create your own custom implementation.

Widget configuration

The widget accepts the following configuration:

  • data-widget-id: [Required] "widget-double-chance"
  • data-match-id: [Required] string
  • data-theme: enum["light", "dark"]. Default: "dark"
  • data-language: enum["en", "bg", "ro"]. Default: "en". Overrides the setting in the widget loader config

You can manage the language of your widget by overriding the default labels using the following attributes:

  • data-label-title="Double Chance"
  • data-label-votes="##VOTES_COUNT## votes so far"

Call to action options:

  • data-call-to-action-html="Any HTML here to be displayed under the results."


     data-label-votes="##VOTES_COUNT## votes so far">



Dark theme for the widget


Light theme for the widget