Games and Predictions related FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the games and predictions in Fans United.

What types of games are available in the Fans United platform?

Fans United supports Top X and Match Quiz games.
You can take a look at leaderboards as well, since they can be gamified too.

What is the difference between Top X, Match Quiz or a Preditor (Single prediction)?

Top X and Match Quizzes are games. They are created by staff members and are played by end-users. They are both nearly impossible to win, so they make great activation tools. You can announce big prizes (say 100k EUR for Top X) and have consolation prizes each week for the top performers. Both games come with their own point system and mechanics for determining the winners (configurable, of course). Also, noteworthy, these are the feature names and you can call them whatever you want (e.g. Betano's Great 7 or Samsung's Chelsea challenge).

Predictions on the other hand are not created by staff members. Every user can place a prediction on a number of individual markets on a particular match (depending on the data coverage different markets are available). They can do this via widgets placed on different pages (up to you, including articles). Correct predictions earn the user points, which are used for tiers, badges, success rate, etc. This is what you referred to as Predictor.

Can the user make different predictions for games and single predictions?


Let's say we have a Match Quiz for the match Real Madrid - Barcelona and inside you have a question about 1X2 at half-time. You have the same market on the match page (or in an article) but as a single prediction. Both predictions are totally separate from one another. So the user can predict "X" as part of the Match Quiz and they can predict "1" as a single prediction. Depending on the outcome of the match the user will either not win the game or not earn points. You can also reward correct predictions differently in games and single predictions. For example, "correct score" for a single prediction is 50 points, but if "correct score" is part of a match quiz, you can reward it with 80 points (configurable).

What happens if a match has been postponed and a Match Quiz game has been created for it?

The game receives status CANCELED and each user who has participated receives 0 points.

What happens if a match has been postponed and a Top X game has been created for it?

If any match from the selected for the game has been postponed, the users will receive 0 points and the fixture will receive status VOID. This means that if 1 of 6 matches has been postponed, the users will still compete for guessing 5 matches, earn points, etc. It is up to the client, to specify in the rules what they will do (Is the winner valid? Do they receive the whole prize or only partial?).

If all matches in the game have been postponed, the game will receive status CANCELED and no points will be awarded.

What predictions can I make?

Fans United supports multiple markets for football matches:

  • 1X2 at full-time
  • 1X2 at half-time
  • Both teams to score
  • Over/Under goals
  • Over/Under corners
  • Double chance
  • Half-time/Full-time
  • Player to score
  • Player to score first goal in match
  • Player to score twice
  • Player to score hattrick or more
  • Player to receive a yellow card
  • Player to receive a red card
  • Red card in match
  • Penalty in match

However, depending on the data coverage, not all markets are available for every match. The SDKs provide a handy attribute for each match that lists all available markets for that match. It’s best to think about it like this: all major competitions have full coverage and we support all markets. Small leagues, say Bulgaria 2nd division, has limited coverage and we support only markets that have to do with the final score (1X2, correct score, double chance, both temas to score).

Can predictions be changed?

Yes they can, unless the prediction cutoff time has come.

What is prediction cutoff time?

Prediction cut-off time is the time until predictions are accepted for a particular game or single prediction. By default, it’s 15 min before the kick-off of the first match.

Can more than one predictions be made for the same match and market?

No. Only 1 prediction is accepted. If you attempt to make the same prediction, the original one will just be updated.

Is game participation somehow tied to money investment?

No. All games are free to play.

Do points in different games add up to the user's total points?

No. Any points the user earns in Match Quiz and Top X games do NOT add up to their total points. Only points earned in the predictor (single predictions) and other actions (registration, adding interests, etc) are counted.

What are winners? How do they differ from leaderboards/rankings?

While leaderboards order the participants in a game by points, the winners functionality is a feature that allows game organizers to specify who the final winner is when there are multiple participants with the same number of points or achievements. The winners are determined by the rules of the specific game (for example a ruffle). This functionality allows you to mark the winners and describe the process of winner selection.

Consider the following example: You have a Match Quiz game with a big reward. There are 5 people with the same number of points on 1st position. According to your game rules, if this happens you are supposed to make a ruffle and announce the winner. You make the ruffle however you choose (offline, online, etc) and then announce that user X is the winner of the reward. The winners functionality allows you to do just that - announce to the world who won and how.

You can select the game winners through our widgets or API using a client staff token with sufficient permissions. Only game participants can be selected. The winners for each game can be fetch easily by each SDK.