Loyalty related FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Loyalty features in Fans United.

What can the users earn points for?

Users can earn points for:

  • Registering
  • Adding an interests
  • Updating profile (adding a country, gender, birth date)
  • Making correct predictions for different markets in football matches:
    • 1X2
    • 1X2 at half-time
    • Half-time/Full-time
    • Correct score
    • Double chance
    • Both teams to score
    • Penalty in the match
    • Red card in the match
    • Exact number of corners in the match
    • Over/under corners
    • Over/under goals
    • Player to score
    • Player to score first goal in the match
    • Player to score 2 goals
    • Player to score hattrick or more
    • Player to get a yellow card
    • Player to get a red card

Can I configure how many points are given for different actions?

Yes, you can configure how many points are given for everything. Keep in mind that Predictor points can be configured separetely from Match Quiz points. For example, for the maret 1X2, you can give 10 points in predictor, 8 points in Match Quiz and 5 points in Top X.

What are the tiers and can I configure my thresholds?

The tiers are basically point thresholds that you can configure yourself. They serve as an insentive for users to engage and earn more points. Default thresholds are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

You can of course change the naming and point configuration, add or remove tiers.

What are the badges and can I configure them?

Badges are given for different participation accomplishments. Once the requirements are met, the badges is awarded to the user and cannot be taken away. Keep in mind that even if the badge is deleted from configuration, the user still has it to his name.

Badges can be given for:

  • Predictor actions
  • Match Quiz games
  • Top X games

Badges criteria are:

  • Points earned
  • Game participation count
  • Predictions made
  • Correct predictions
  • Entity (team or competition)

This means that you can create badges such as:

  • Predictor Newbie (10 correct predictions)
  • Predictor Pro (100 correct predictions)
  • Top X regular (10 participations in Top X)
  • Match Quiz newcommer (after first participation in a Match Quiz)
  • Real Madrid expert (for example, 100 correct predictions with 500 points made on predictions for Real Madrid)

What is user success rate? What can I configure?

The percentage of successful predictions among all single predictions the user has made.

Who can follow who?

Any user can follow any user.

How can users find other users to follow?

The easiest way to discover new users would be through rankings/leaderboards.
You can also share user profiles.

What are leaderboards and can I configure them?

Leadboards are essentially user rankings for specific criteria. The criteria are:

  • Time-frame (max 365 days)
  • Specific matches
  • Specific teams
  • Specific competitions
  • Specific markets

This means that you can build leaderbords such as:

  • All the matches of Liverpool for January and February 2023 for the markets 1X2 and Correct Score
  • All the matches between the “Top 6 teams“ in English Premier League for the season and markets 1X2, Correct Score and Half-time/Full-time

What is the difference between a tier and a badge?

Tiers are levels. They depend only on how many points the user has won. So if you have, let's say 3 tiers - Bronze (0 points), Silver (1000 points) and Gold (5000 points), the moment a user registers, they will be in tier Bronze. The moment they reach 1000 points, they will be in Silver and so on. You should only display the highest tier the user is in. The user can be only in one tier at a time.

Badges are rewarded for different accomplishments and users can have multiple badges at the same time. Also, badges have multiple criteria, not just points. The criteria for the badges, include the number of predictions made, number of correct predictions, points and entity (team, competition). You can have multiple badges. For example, you can create a badge called "Real Madrid expert" which is rewarded when a user has made at least 50 predictions for Real Madrid matches, 30 predictions have been correct and they have earned 350 points. Once a user has fulfilled these criteria, they will receive this badge. Once the badge is received, it cannot be removed or replaced. The user has it forever. Then you can have another badge called "Real Madrid guru" (100 predictions, 70 correct, 1000 points) - once the user fulfills these requirements, they will receive this badge as well and they will have the 2 badges (not just the latest as it is with tiers).